Best SEO concepts business person should implement in 2018-2019

Posted on 06 Aug 2018 in SEO | By Indian Online Marketing Team | SEO

SEO India

SEO India

Here are the best SEO concepts business person should implement in 2018-2019:

– Install Yoast Plugin
Wordpress yoast plugin manage your meta keywords, meta descriptions, meta titles and resolve other technical issues in your website.
This wordpress plugin acts like your name, even this plugin can update your blog or landing page so that when Google crawler visit to your business site, it quickly recognize you. This wordpress plugin updates each time when google algorithm updates .You should focus on your website or blog content.Yoast plugins will take care of the technical SEO.

-Interlink your blogs
Interlinking of your blog with relevant articles is very good for your business website SEO. Time taken by a visitor on your website increases significantly when you do interlinking of your blogs. This is good for SEO when you have relevant and interesting links included within your website or blog content.
Interlinking convey search engines about your relevant content on your website and help the inbound lead generation in your marketing strategy.

All the out-going links from your website should be no-follow-
You don’t want to distract your audience.. So try giving less out going Do Follow links.
Best way to do that is, add “No follow” status to all outgoing links. You can do it through a code when you are making a hyperlink.

Or install plugin which by default makes all linking no follow Uncheck manually the no-follow status and ensure all your internal links should e “Do follow”.

Plugin name : Title and Nofollow For Links

-Build external links to your website by guest blogging

This is an excellent way of spreading out the word for your business to relevant people and to a larger audience. There are established businesses having larger audiences. Contribute an article for their website and get a link back to your website. But for that to happen, you will have to make connections with editors online or at networking events. Publish your content on established websites and link them to your best articles that are relevant to the content you are writing. Google always recognizes your links added to an established website. Also you will reach that large audience.

-Disavow bad links or backlinks pointing to your website

Google has specific set standards for the quality of links that point towards your website. You should have quality and relevant backlinks to your website. Analyze well in advance which are those bad backlinks pointing at you.

If you see some bad links, inform this with Google.Google make them irrelevant to your Google rankings.

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