Best Tips on How to Influence New Age Online Consumers

Posted on 05 Sep 2018 in Digital Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Digital Marketing

Best Tips on How to Influence New Age Online Consumers

India is the world’s 2nd largest online market with over 475 million internet users. India is the fastest growing market in the e-commerce business, financial services, travel etc. The increase in disposable incomes, emergence of Artificial Intelligence, and higher usage of digital media over the last 4-5 years has drastically impacted to Indian consumer online shopping behaviour and e-retail market.

Below are some of the tips to influence new age online consumers.

Use of Social media Optimization: India is now experiencing a digital revolution with having 2nd largest Social Media users from all over the world. Due to this reason e-commerce businesses are highly focusing on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat , Facebook etc to reach the right target audience. Social Media Optimization is a best strategy to generate quality traffic generation.

Quality & Efficient Customer Support: Offering quality and best customer service to their customers and audience. Communication platforms like phone calls, SMS, emails to chat support are best to give quality support to the customers. Should give convenient and prompt customer support assistance to online customer .Could also give personal and emotional connection and support with customers.

Shifting to mobile applications for personalized shopping: Due to high usage of smart phones use of mobile app is now a efficient option. One of the biggest benefits of using mobile app is that you can share all kinds of information like sales offers, promotions directly to their mobile phones.

Customer Review Management: In e-commerce business customer reviews plays an important role to influence online buyers or customers. A good or a bad review can help customers to judge what to buy or not. Customer Review Management helps to build a long term relationship with the customers.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a great boom in the current digital age. Influencer marketing is an effective tool that is used by online business owners to connect with potential customers in a perfect manner. Perfect influencers plays an important role of mediator between a brand and a customer to create personal connection between brand and audience through emotionally and tactfully.

To become a successful brand or business, online business owners should find new ways to attract, engage and retain customers through consistent messaging, sales offers, experience, product and service.

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