How to build your brand with Google + Hangouts

Posted on 06 May 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

Most businesses today have embraced the social media as a mandatory requirement ofcontent based marketing strategy. Hangouts make it easier to communicate well in the modern age of transparency.

Google+ is a social network platform for Google and video hangouts are just like Skype and its Google’s version of chatting via video. This makes it possible to hang out with up to 10 people at once (that’s if you have a corporate account). But you don’t necessarily need to have a webcam, even though if you have it it’s for your advantage. The hangouts are either private or on air.

Google+ hangouts on air are live streaming broadcasts and individuals can watch them in real time on the page of the event or on Google plus hangouts. They can also be recorded and uploaded immediately to your channel on you tube.

Whether you are a participant or the host, The Google+ hangouts on air is an interesting way to add to your exposure, share your best experiences and build your personal brand through this engaging mode.

Brands that have embraced the concept are thriving in the new era of transparency using tools like HOA to give a business the face it requires.

Google+ is more than just the normal social platforms because it offers branding, audience –engagement benefits, and SEO. The hangout on air feature can be big game changers that will help brands build expertise and traction in their field more cheaply and faster than any other way.

Why be on Google+?

You are definitely missing far much more than just social interaction if your brand is not on Google+. In terms of the global social networks it’s the second most active. Its integration with search and other products of Google brings undeniable SEO benefits far beyond those offered by other social media platforms.

Hosting your own hangout on air

If you are a Google+ user you can use the hangouts feature to begin a video conference with up to 10 followers at any given time. Hangouts give companies an easy and completely free way to do teleconferencing. This is always private and it’s just between participants.

Hosting a hangout on air on subjects relevant to your business can quickly:

Rank your brand as the leading one in your field

Enable you in demonstrating your expertise

Make your brand communicate the culture and personality

Improve the strength of your relationships with other invited  experts to speak

Gives your business brand a special human factor for the people to relate to

Build a following and increase your brand recognition in the market

Attending a hangout on air

You don’t necessarily need to host HOAs to use it for branding purposes. Attending a hangout on air will let you:

Meet the influencers. Watching HOAs related to your area of interest helps you in getting to know the experts on personal level more. You also have the opportunity to meet new people that you might want to network with and do some research.

You need to speak up and avoid been invisible. You miss an opportunity to let people in getting to know you if you decide to silently observe a hangout.

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