Google Has Introduced New Mobile Breadcrumb URLs

Posted on 06 May 2015 in Search Engine Optimization | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Search Engine Optimization

After several years of testing, Google has now replaced and introduced the site name and breadcrumb trail with the URLin the mobile search snippets area. At last Google has made its new breadcrumb style mobile URL structures live to all of its mobile users. This has come just in time for the Google mobile tailored changes.These changes are currently gradually rolling out affecting only results in mobile.

The current breadcrumb styles operating currently don’t have a lot of uniformity. This might be due to a mix of both added and missing schema as well as recognized and popular sites which may get their site name without schema. They updated their algorithms that display URLs to reflect better the names of websites while using the real world name of the site instead of the domain name and a breadcrumbs-like format of the URL structure of the site.

Webmasters have now a better way to communicate the breadcrumb data and site name through a structured data schema. To specify the name of site the schema markup is found here and also the breadcrumb schema is available here. The webmasters can use to make sure their site is communicating the details to Google servers. This will enable one to view the name of the whole site and the separate subdomains instead of viewing just one lengthy URL on the results page.

With time it’s expected to eventually move to a more uniform look as schema is adopted by many more sites.  The new structure of URL is supported by schema markup for all of the breadcrumbs and site name.

It’s a possibility that we will see some SEOs taking advantage of the breadcrumbs so as to encourage users to click their own links instead of other sites in the search results. Breadcrumb is seen in desktop search, even though they don’t usually seem to display to all of the users. This raises the question about whether or not the site name itself could be spoofed. But assurances from Gary Illyes from Google say that it should not be spam able.

The change in breadcrumb is a good move in overall. This is because it helps searchers view with more detail the page they are potentially going to click on after the search results are displayed. In addition it should help to minimize the number of times searchers have to click back when the page did not contain exactly what they were searching for. The breadcrumbs should be cleaned up and become more useful as time goes on.

Impact on users

This is aimed at making navigation a bit more finger friendly and easier to decipher when searching from a mobile phone with Android or an IOS device. Instead of landing on the sites homepage and maneuvering your way around you will be able to go directly to a specific subdomain

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