How Social Media Can Generate Online Reputation for Small Businesses

Posted on 29 Jul 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

Today, life is defined by the social media life, where everything is shared online, from family reunions to pets to food. In particular,Twitter, Klout, Facebook, Pinterest among others has made sharing and networking very accessible and easy.  Shaping your small business reputation and products on social media helps you build a lasting relationship with the people and to get new customers. For example more than a billion people use Facebook to connect with family, friends and things that matter most to them. Whether you sell online, in person or through an application, you know what you would like to improve on and what to do next for your small business to grow.

Many people worldwide log in to Facebook not just to share what’s happening in their lives but also to share what they wish to have in their lives. With the high number of active monthly users, marketers know that reaching people via Facebook is an effective and a cheap way to connect with their target audience.

Any business small or big should consider advertising on Facebook platform. It’s a good opportunity for a business to make sales online, earn a following for the brand, create a platform for customer discussion on the product and if successfully done let the general public spread the word about the qualities of your products.

Online sales and likes

When creating a strategy for social media platform business, you should think through what you want to achieve at the end. If you want to drive traffic to your website by making ads (a web shop where customers can purchase your products) or direct traffic to your social media page where the customers can like your activities in your business.

Online sales is an easy way to advertise your business on social media by making external website ads through which when visitors clicks through, she/he will be directed to your web page to sign up or purchase for something. Business advertisement by use of Facebook, twitter among others  has proven to be more successful for many small businesses.

Liking things is the backbone of the entire networking thing like in Facebook. A business will see better outcomes when advertising a product or service if they first send visitors to a fan page where they will have to like the page to view the offer. After viewing the offer they can click out to make purchase in the web page. This can enable you combine sales with brand making.

On the other hand, lots of small businesses reason for being on social media platforms is mainly just to get a fan base and not necessarily to make online sales. It can be a restaurant, a clothing store, a shop or any company which is on Facebook to primarily raise brand awareness.

You want visitors to like your Facebook fan page where you can run contests, talk to them, arrange polls and other activities which your customers might wish to engage in.

The main objective is to have active fans that will spread the word about your brand to their friends, which is profitable to any business.

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