How twitter is helpful for generating traffic and to increase search ranking

Posted on 01 Aug 2018 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

Twitter For SEO

Twitter For SEO

As we all know that Google & Twitter are now a partner. This partnership gives Google to access to Twitter and hence can allow search engine to index tweets in search results.

Twitter for SEO.
You can search for your brand name or a website on Google. You’ll see the main page of search results showing the latest tweets from that page. You can also search for a hashtag on Google to find content on social media. Through Twitter you can build social signals toward your website and blog posts.

1. Through Twitter you can automatically share your blog posts.
Twitter has more than 350 millions monthly active users. You can reach them by sharing or posting your blog etc to Twitter
There are certain tools through which you can connect your blog to your Twitter account and can automatically share blog content. JetPack for WordPress , Twitter Auto Publish , etc are some of the tools.

2. Re-share and retweet your unique and quality content.
Share your blog link regularly and can generate more shares for your blog posts and pages.
Schedule tweets to be published regularly every day throughout the month. This will help you to get good traffic and search results.

3. Twitter profile

Create your Twitter profile properly to make it optimize your profile bio help get your Twitter to rank higher on Google. People search for any brand like Amazon Twitter
Make sure your account uses your brand name as the account username. It plays an important role in improving website SEO.
More number of link shares mean more awareness for your brand and hence an excellent website SEO.

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