Five Ways to Wield Social Influence Scores for Improved Online Interactions

Posted on 06 May 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

You can track your progress in the social media efforts by assessing the information provided by klout and kred.

  1. Use the data to measure your own influence

With an aerial view of your activities across social platforms, you can determine the actions that thathave led to the most benefits and where there is still room for improvement.

  1. Utilize them in sizing up your competition

You can determine who your rivals are and identify what they are doing socially. Their earned scores and how your followers compare. Determine the no of times they post and the networks they are on. Then you can investigate and compare their social activity alongside your activities to identify what they do wrong and use it to improve your own technique.

  1. Use the data in hiring and selecting guest bloggers

The decision on who to hire should not be based only on social influence score. But it should guide you on whom to call for an interview and whom to leave. Social influence scores can also help when looking for a guest blogger because a blogger with a social score that’s higher will have more impact and influence.

  1. Use the information to test new products

In addition to offering the scores they are used by businesses to test out new products in the market. Klout makes it easier for users to share good content by suggesting content on the basis of interest and the products with good performance in the past.

  1. Connect with influencers

You post things that are likely to cause social media influencers to like, engage, or share your content. It’s important to make someone with a high score to retweet your tweets.

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