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Posted on 27 May 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is an online network of influential individuals around the world. It’s a web site for social networking designed specifically for the companies and business community. The main purpose of the site is to enable and allow registered members to document and establish the network of the people they trust and they know professionally. To gain contact with some of the most powerful individuals in business is a big challenge to most people. LinkedIn brings business people together in a unique and new way. If this tool is utilized the proper way, it can even enable the office junior to engage in a conversation and build connections with company senior staff like CEOs.

Advantages of a LinkedIn company page

Plenty of advantages are offered to companies by LinkedIn as it’s the largest professional network in the world.Just like many other social media tools,businesses can use LinkedIn to not only better themselves, but also build relationships and establish connections.

Attracting new talent

LinkedIn company pages include a careers section that allows people to showcase their employment brand to the users who may be searching for new employment opportunities. Under careers one can post new jobs and much more. With the upgrading to gold and silver careers page, one can easily add other recruitment tools including videos that tell other members more about your employees, your company and its culture.

Establishing credibility of your company

A company page gives one the ability to interact with members of LinkedIn in other sections of the including the answers’ section and groups. In both of these you have the opportunity to showcase your companies’ professionalism and expertise by answering questions from other members and taking active part in discussions relating to your industry. On LinkedIn your company overview is your space to share your blog posts, status updates and your twitter feed which helps visitors and followers learn more about what you do and how well you do it.

Marketing expansion

Each and every LinkedIn company page has a specialized and dedicated section for you to promote your services and products. In this section you can give detailed information about your offers and provide the links to your website for more detailed information. LinkedIn enables you to create custom campaigns based on title, industry, location and some other segments so as to better focus on your audience. You have the ability to include rotating banners as well as videos, discounts and coupons, and recommendations from peers, colleagues and customers.

Connecting with top prospects

You can be able to attract new talent via LinkedIn company pages and it can also be easy for you to reach out to the best candidates that interest you most. You have capability to find out more about your followers to identify and determine the best fit for your vacant positions if you have a company page. LinkedIn enables you to view in detailed analytics about your followers including what they do and who they are. You can establish a connection and directly message them.

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