Pay-Per-Click Campaign Mistakes That Can Lost Your Money

Posted on 22 Aug 2018 in PPC Campaign | By Indian Online Marketing Team | PPC Campaign

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Mistakes That Can Lost Your Money

One of the fast and best way to generate prospective customers to your business website is Pay Per Click Campaign Management i.e. PPC Advertising. Through tools like Google Adwords business owner display ads and need to pay when visitor click on ad.
But PPC can be risky if not executed correctly. You can lost unnecessary money on this without any profit.

Here are five costly PPC mistakes you’ll want to avoid when starting out:

1.When you are sending visitors to your home page.

If you are running a PPC ad for any keywords for any specific product you are selling on your website. You landing page is website URL. In this case when visitor visit through your business website. He may confuse navigating website to search that specific product. Now a best option is to make a landing page with that specific page. So focus to drive PPC visitors to a targeted landing page.

2. When you are sending visitors to your contact page.
If you are driving visitors directly to your business website’s contact page to force email newsletter opt-ins or lead generation form submissions. This option may irritate visitors .So better you should make landing page as a product page or you give any offer on that landing page.

3. If you are not doing split-test your ad text.

When you are running PPC, Pay Per click campaign management without testing ads. You need to split-test your ads by creating different versions of the ad’s in ad groups. Due to split test you will be able to determine which ad will have more click through rate and conversions.

4. If you are focusing entirely on ‘broad match’ keyword ads.

When you are using broad match keywords for your displayed ads with your targeted keyword it will give large traffic to your business website. But due to broad match keywords you are loosing relevant traffic. Its best to set your ads with exact match keywords to increase most relevant visitors to your business.

5. If you are not using negative keywords.

If you are not using negative keywords, this may prevent your ads from displaying when certain words are searched for. If you add negative keywords to your PPC ad campaigns, this may help to control relevancy without reducing the potential website traffic of broad match ads. You need to search many possible negative keywords that will improve your PPC campaign.

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