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Posted on 27 May 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

Pinterest in an online mobile application company and it operates an eponymous photo sharing website. Pinterest has become a very key part of the digital marketing platforms and strategies. It’s a free website and to use it, one is required to register. The users in general can save, upload, sort, and manage the photos referred to as pins and other media content like videos through collections called pin boards.The users of pinterest can browse the contents of other members on the main page even though it acts as a personalized social media platform.

Pinterest enables businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their businesses online. Business pages can serve as a “virtual storefront”. Customers spent less time on pinterest company website, choosing instead of browsing from the companies pin board. Studies regarding brands have continued to show pinterest for business is more effective at driving sales than the other forms of social media platforms.

Business pages include several topics, data and information like ratings of videos, prices of products, or rating recipe ingredients.

Just like Facebook and twitter, pinterest now lets the data collected on its users available to marketers. By granting access to data on users, it enables marketers investigate how individuals respond to the products. If any product has a high number of repins,the producer knows that the product is liked by many people. Since pinterest enables marketers view the data,businesses can see user comments on the product to know how members of pinterest community dislike or like it.

What to do for effective pinterest marketing

Create pin friendly info graphics and promote them to your on your website and followers. Pinterest marketing and info graphics are a match well suited. Pinterest visual settings make it a natural place for info graphics toget shared and find an audience.

Answer to comments and comment on pins

You can comment on pins and reply to your comments instead of just to like or reshare your favorite pins. You can build a community around what you reshare or share and enable other individuals get a chance to become part of it and get pinterest users to know not just for your visuals but also for your thoughts.

Get creative but no off links

Affiliate marketing is not dead on pinterest. You can do affiliate marketing by adding a layer of content between your affiliate link and pinterest by writing a blog post. In that specific blog post you will have to review the affiliate product and add testimonials and images. You can invite people who have used the product and are readers to comment on the post.

Pin your business

In pinterest you can market and advertise your product, find new customers and connect with existing customers. Set up your company profile with interesting image and a strong bio line. Include other social media and verify your business account. That will show you are a trustworthy business person.

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