What is necessary for Mobile SEO in 2015

Posted on 05 May 2015 in Search Engine Optimization | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Search Engine Optimization

For the past one and half a year past, there has been significant changes to mobile sites. There have been notable developmentsin the process of creating mobile friendly sites, from analytics to development and design. But still webmasters choose between dynamic, responsive, and separate mobile sites, because the code is still the same and the devices are still about the same size.

Mobile web development can be said to have reached puberty as the changes have been more nuances. Now there are standards which have been figured out and a lot more accessible support than before. Google has played the biggest part of this development and designers have benefited   from each other.

Mobile friendly labels

It’s true to say that Google demotes and promotes results on the basis of how mobile friendly they are. Recently Google started to label the results that seems to appear as mobile friendly to help those who search to select pages that produce more pleasant browsing experience. For assurance that your site will display the label, you can spare some time to take the Google’s mobile friendly test.

Web design trends

There are a lot of standards now, but there is nothing happening in mobile web design which has never been heard of for approximately one and half years ago.

Most companies prefer the dynamically or responsive served sites

Most of the companies in the past years used separate mobile sites, with very few companies willing to dip into responsive and dynamically served sites. Now things are different as most of the companies with a lot of money to invest into online content prefer either responsive or dynamically served designs.This is vital because the key benefit of a separate mobile site is that it’s possible to build out content into the different pages and the inbound links enable you to directly match the desktop page to each of the mobile pages with same content.

Same navigation symbols are used in most mobile sites

A clever method was used in minimizing navigation into just three lines at the top of the mobile page which can be adjusted into a full navigational menu. There is a top bar that links back to home page with a magnifying glass for search.

Google resources are more users friendly now

Google has been putting a lot of its effort into the designing of sites, more notably in fixing up several mini sites which are very important for mobile. The once boring developer focused few pages has now become a robust portal that is pretty and very simple for anyone to understand.

Mobile thinking with Google

Google has invested well in its platform Think with Google, and it has put out some of the finest research in the search on different platforms in the business and benefits users interactions with the platform.

In a nutshell things have changed

It’s now easier for new webmasters, but with the ever changing environment it can be tough to keep up with it once you have a mobile site live.

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