What is klout? What is kred?

Posted on 06 May 2015 in Social Media Marketing | By Indian Online Marketing Team | Social Media Marketing

What is klout?

Klout is a website and a mobile application that uses the social media analytics to rank its users according to the online social influence through the klout score. A clout score is a number or numerical value between 1 and 100 which represents your influence. And the higher your klout score is the more influential you are. It’s natural that there are more people who can’t help but peek at their klout score. This is a kind of rating that assigns a numerical value or number with regards to the social media popularity of a person or a brand. Klout connects several different social media profiles of an individual and it takes a closer look at how your followers react to what you post online. The higher the rate of reaction the higher your influence will be.

What is kred?

Kred is used to define your influence as the ability to inspire action and it measures the following:

On twitter

How you are retweeted frequently

How many followers reply to your tweets

The frequency of mentioning your name

How many followers you have

And on Facebook

When individuals interact with your posts like commenting and sharing

How often you are added to tags or mentioned in posts or comments

How many event invitations you receive

How many people post to your wall

How many friends you have

For each of the actions, you get points and these points increase the score of your influence.

If you were to register with kred today, they will look at the last 1000 days of twitter, but they only start adding actions on Facebook when you connect your account. This is obvious to say that the longer you are registered with the kred the more you accumulate your points.

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